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Accessibility and 508 Compliance

An accessible website means that it adheres to the minimal standards set by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which is the law stating that all users, disabled or not, should be able to access and use technology. When websites are 508 compliant then they are accessible to all Internet users, providing new opportunities for those who are unable to use a keyboard and mouse, but rely on assistive technology, such as screen readers.

All federal agencies and institutions are required to be 508 Compliant, but even if you’re neither, making your website compliant widens your audience and is also a great step towards making the Internet open and accessible for everyone.

What we offer at 508Q

We believe the entire World Wide Web should be accessible so that everyone can enjoy it, but this effort starts with those who make websites and relies on the voice of those who use them. So we've taken the very first steps to help spread awareness and involve people like you in our cause. Here's what you can do at 508Q:

scan your website

Scan your website

Use our 508Q Scanner to take a good look at how your current website measures up to accessibility standards. You'll get an instant report assessing the state of your compliance along with easy to understand explanations, examples, and recommendations on what's right, what's missing, and what could be improved

Explore, learn, share

Whether you make websites, market websites, or simply use websites, everyone should know about accessibility. At 508Q we offer a Glossary so you can get familiar with commonly used terms, a Blog with frequent posts from 508 professionals, and a Q&A where anyone can ask, get help, and learn from those who have experience.

explore, learn, share

find pro

Find a 508 professional

If you need professional help making your website fully accessible and/or 508 compliant, you can choose from worldwide experts using our 508 Directory. If you're a professional yourself, visit our For 508 Professionals page to learn more.

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